Who We Are

The expat cruise club has been set up with the worldwide expat community in mind. Wherever you live in the world you may have some difficulty finding and booking a cruise of your choice locally.

However we are a one stop specialist cruise agent here to cater for all your cruise needs.

Whatever cruise you are interested in for any part of the world we can book it for you at the best possible price.

We in the UK:

  • Have access to deals that you may not find in your location.
  • Have been trading here for over 30 years and we are ABTA bonded.
  • Are now one of the largest cruise agents in the UK.

Please just email or call us with your requirements and our specialist team are here to help you.

We will always quote you in british pounds but you can pay in any currency.

Take Some Time Out… With A Luxury Holiday

If money is no object, small luxury cruises are a great way to explore the world. These ships limit the amount of passengers and offer you plenty of personal space. They also offer top-of-the-line suites and facilities, exclusive dining rooms and restaurants serving a variety of exotic cuisines, work-out gyms and health spas.

If you want to go even smaller, choose to cruise on a sailing ship. These smaller-scale cruisers are great for taking you to off track destinations. A riverboat which cruises up and down a river, gives you the opportunity to go ashore many times a day.

Not Sure? Try A Mini-Cruise…

Cruises today can be of almost any length. First time cruisers might want to wet their feet on a 3-4 day “mini-cruise” or at most a 7-day sailing excursion. Traditional cruises can keep you moving from port to port of 3-4 weeks and sometimes combine a land stay. Try cruising around the world for 3 months!

Take A Themed Cruise

Cruises of a week or longer usually offer all sorts of daily activities, including cooking and beauty demonstrations, seminars and discussions, quizzes, games and more. A themed cruise takes it one step further by inviting experts onboard to demonstrate a particular hobby or skill.

Enjoy Your Trip!

Well, you’ve chosen your ship and destinations and you’re getting very excited. Once you have received your tickets, it is time to start preparing for your stay aboard the ship. You will probably receive a booklet describing your ship and advising on everything you should know about cruising—proper clothes to bring, rules for going ashore and services available on board etc.

It is important to read this guide so you will know what not to pack and how much extra costs will be involved during the cruise. Tipping, for example, can take different forms. The older ships may distribute envelopes for tips. Others allow you to charge them to a credit card. Also, your cruise may and may not include drinks, health spa treatments etc, so you must budget for them.

Credit cards are acceptable on most cruises. Many allow you to register your card at the start of the cruise and make charges against is during the stay on board. A final bill is delivered to your cabin the night before you embark. Cruisers should take dollars, Euros or sterling in cash for any purpose that may arise.